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4.16 Jobs with USA visa sponsorship Empty 4.16 Jobs with USA visa sponsorship

Tue Apr 16, 2024 11:23 pm
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1. Executive Assistant and Administration
H1B Visa sponsorship available
Bethesda, MD

2. Strawberry Harvester
H-2 Visa sponsorship available
$19.75 per hour
Salinas, CA

3. Software Engineer III
Visa sponsorship available
Tallahassee, FL

4. Construction Laborer
H-2 Visa sponsorship available
$22.35 per hour
Billings, MT

5. Market Development Representative
Visa sponsorship available
Chicago, IL

6. Agricultural Equipment Operators
H-2 Visa sponsorship available
$19.75 per hour
Firebaugh, CA

7. Production Team Lead II
Visa sponsorship available
Schiller Park, IL

8. Vegetable Farmworker
H-2 Visa sponsorship available
$15.55 per hour
Anadarko, OK

9. Senior system design consultant
Visa sponsorship available
Medford, MA

10. Crop Planting, Growing, and Picking Labor
H-2 Visa sponsorship available
$15.81 per hour
Hendersonville, NC

11. Equipment & Controls Planning Engineer
Visa sponsorship available
Greer, SC

12. Range Livestock
H-2 Visa sponsorship available
$1,986.76 per month

13. Registered Nurse
Visa sponsorship available
Los Angeles, CA

14. Farm Worker – Carpenter Helpers
H-2 Visa sponsorship available
$17.79 per hour
Webster, IA

15. Software Developer
Visa sponsorship available

16. Supervisor
H-2 Visa sponsorship available
$29.74 per hour

17. Technical Project Manager - Algorithm Applications
H1B Visa sponsorship available
Akron, OH

18. Helper-mechanic/cotton Gin Worker
H-2 Visa sponsorship available
$15.86 per hour
Lewiston, NC

19. Senior Financial Analyst
Visa sponsorship available
Church Street, NY

20. Heavy and Tractor Trailer Truck Driver
H-2 Visa sponsorship available
$22.98 per hour
Columbus, NM

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