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Sun Mar 24, 2024 6:44 am
Thank you for being our valued subscriber!

We have great news to share:

1. We are automating our processes as we get about a hundred emails daily, so we are setting up ChatGPT to help us.

2. We are happy to share that since June 2023, when we started working with our USA
partner, who has placed more than 500k people in the USA since 2004 on tailored programs, we have had only positive feedback, with 0 unhappy clients.

We have many people asking why we are charging payments upfront, so we decided we
should clarify on that: there is a team working on providing you with visa-sponsored
jobs, they need to have a salary, and they can’t work without payment till you
are relocated to the USA that’s why we are charging upfront via secure PayPal
transactions (with consumer protection).

3. Everybody is welcome to submit their resume to us for a free evaluation on options to immigrate to the USA by clicking this link

Write a blog post about us and receive 1 year free!
The blog post needs to be at least 300 words long.
The review needs to be factual (explaining how move2usajobs was used) and unique - not spam :-(
The blog needs to be active for at least one year
Or post about us on Linkedin and receive a 10% discount!

Please check our programs below and consider starting your relocation to the USA process ASAP!

Some of our programs:

Study English in the USA, from $990

Get Paid Training in the USA, from $2490

Study in a College or University in the USA, from $2495

Get a Hospitality Job in the USA, from $2490

Get a Job in the USA, H-1B visa, EB-2 visa (Green Card) from $3490

Job in the USA with a Green Card (EB-3 visa) for holders of national diploma (3 years) with 5 years of experience, from $3290

Get an unskilled job in the USA with no education requirements(EB-3), from $22000

If interested, please reply to this email.
Our paid subscribers get:

Private free Whatsapp support for any question
Free help with future applications to get a green card via the Diversity Lottery
Free answers to any questions regarding immigration
Free resume check
Cashback on
Cashback on Coursera
Cashback on Amazon

Please register for a free trial. Get it all!

Do you have a YouTube or TikTok channel or a blog?

Mention us and earn! Our affiliate program:

Our free services:
Our social network for people who want to relocate, immigrate, or travel to a new place is online and ready to use. Please register here - free US Work Visa Eligibility Checker - our telegram channel where we post 20 jobs with US visa sponsorship daily - our telegram channel where we post US visa news - our telegram channel where we post US immigration news - our friends section, many free services for you
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