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Sat Feb 10, 2024 9:08 pm
We have great news:

1. We are sharing 100 promo codes for two of our courses on Udemy to take them for free:

H-1B Visa (Bachelors degree)

Unskilled Work Visas

Please leave a review about the courses. Thank you!

2. From now on, my personal WhatsApp is provided to those who get a paid plan or a product. You can ask any questions and get a free resume review!

3. We are looking for people who found a job via our job portal for an interview with Dr. Britton, a YouTube influencer promoting our job portal.

4. For those who have a blog or a LinkedIn profile:

Write a blog post about us and receive 1 year free!
The blog post needs to be at least 300 words long.
The review needs to be factual (explaining how move2usajobs was used) and unique - not spam :-(
The blog needs to be active for at least one year
Or post about us on Linkedin and receive a 10% discount!

5. We are preparing a relocation to the USA package to help you find a home, get a bank account, rent a car etc, for your smooth experience in the US.

6. Many people are asking us to advise them on a platform to enhance their English skills. I would advise using Duolinguo English study platform, it has a freemium plan.

7. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we started posting videos about the US:

8. We plan to invite a career coach to our team to help you with your successful career path.

Just a reminder:

Some of our programs:

Study English in the USA, from $990

Get Training in the USA, from $2190

Study in a College or University in the USA, from $2195

Get a Hospitality Job in the USA, from $4390

Get a Job in the USA, H-1B visa, from $3290

Unskilled Job in the USA with a Green Card (EB-3 visa), from $3290

If interested, please reply to this email.

Our paid subscribers get:

Private free Whatsapp support for any question
Free help with future applications to get a green card via the Diversity Lottery
Free answers to any questions regarding immigration
Free resume check
Cashback on
Cashback on Coursera
Cashback on Amazon

Please register for a free trial on Get it all!

Do you have a YouTube or TikTok channel or a blog?

Mention us and earn! Our affiliate program:

Our free services: - free US Work Visa Eligibility Checker - our telegram channel where we post 20 jobs with US visa sponsorship daily - our telegram channel where we post US visa news - our telegram channel where we post US immigration news - our friends section, many free services for you - our telegram prices bot
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