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News 3.09.2024 Empty News 3.09.2024

Sun Sep 03, 2023 7:36 pm
Dear subscribers,
Our news for the week:

1. We added pop-up personalization to our job portal and will work further on its convenience.

2. We added asylum videos to our course on immigration. Please find them on your YouTube channel

3. We created a Whatsapp chat form on our website. It will be functioning with limited support for everybody.

4. We updated our caregiver offer on the visa-getter. Now, you can add yourself to the international caregiver database. Please find the offer here

5. Now, you can subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram from the bottom of the job portal.

6. We have changed our lottery for free yearly access for better convenience: if someone purchases an annual plan, one random person will be given yearly access for free.

💁 Sponsor a person in need of access to the job portal
🥖Get sponsored for access to the job portal (we provide one random person with yearly access monthly)

Our first 2 winners are:

Mikez T. and Lloyd D.

Your sponsors are:
Rakesh P. and Min H.

Thank you so much, guys; you have changed the lives of people in need!

7. We are working on our loyalty program. Now, on subscription with the job portal, you will receive a gift, and for our paid subscribers, we have a special offer - 2% cashback on To get the cashback, please get in touch with us before paying on Booking, and we will generate the cashback link. We are planning to add more offers soon.

8. We will soon create our website onboarding video guide for your convenience.

9. Our paid subscribers get:
- Private free Whatsapp support for any question
- Free help with future applications to get a green card via the Diversity Lottery
- Free answers to any questions regarding immigration
- Free resume check
- 2% cashback on

Please register for a free trial on Get it all!
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